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Lovedale is a fast growing skincare and hair care solutions’ company producing pure, high quality beauty products for today’s demanding consumers. The offering includes naturally made hair oils, soaps, gels and other beauty products manufactured using the finest quality natural ingredients and the most advanced technologies and processes. Lovedale aims to make its users beautiful from deep within by offering carefully created products that nourish and enrich while promising complete safety over long term use.

Lovedale is part of the Arikkat Group, one of India’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of the finest quality Cold Pressed Cooking Oils, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Mustard Oil, Rice bran Oil and Sesame Oil. Manufactured to the highest quality using the most advanced processes, our products are extensively supplied across India and abroad - to regions including USA, Canada, Middle East and Europe.


100% Natural

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100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Natural Vitamins

Unveiling Africa's Best Kept Secret

Imported African Black Soap Shower Gel (Aloe Vera)

Shea Butter Shower Gel - 100% Natural

  1. Made with shea butter, coconut oil, PKO, neem oil and Aloe Vera
  2. This natural Shea Butter shower gel one of the kind on the planet is your best choice for cleansing the skin and eliminating the dirt in its pores.
  3. Aloe Vera also reduces skin irritation and dryness and is effective on sensitive skin

Imported African Black Soap Shower Gel (Cocoa)

Shea Butter Shower Gel - 100% Natural

  1. Lovedale's Imported African Black Soap Shower Gel, Cocoa is 100% natural.
  2. It works as an effective control for various skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema.
  3. It is made of traditional ingredients that can easily get rid of blemishes and heal dry skin.
  4. The gel exfoliates the skin and scalp while the Cocoa and Shea Butter hydrate the skin, making it rich and healthy.

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Natural Ingredients for a healthy living

Look Better Naturally

Lovedale’s Imported Natural African Black Soap and Shower Gel is prepared using a time-tested process, perfected in West Africa over centuries. It Is Africa's best kept secret to flawless and evenly toned skin that glows all day without the use of any chemical-based cosmetics.

100% organic and natural, the soap is made using cocoa ash, obtained from dried cocoa pods which is mixed with water to develop a natural alkali, Cocoa Potash. This mixture is then combined with Shea butter, the world’s most enriching skin moisturiser gathered by extracting natural fat by breaking and boiling Shea nuts. The blending is done by hand, a skill invented over 2000 years ago to give the world’s most perfect handmade soap - the ‘gold standard’ among skin products globally.

Shhh… Look Better Secret Unveiled!



For us at Lovedale, beauty means natural beauty

The philosophy behind all Lovedale products is to ensure our users look better naturally. Lovedale proudly declares that every fresh face brimming with health and confidence from within the vast consumer pool is their brand ambassador.

These users will go about their daily lives with natural charisma, inspire people around them to achieve their goals and be no lesser than any celebrity. They will carry brand Lovedale forward.

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