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Mustard oil, known as Sarson ka Tel is a key ingredient in every kitchen, particularly in north India. The oil has a strong, pungent flavour and has been used for centuries to enhance the taste of several dishes. Mustard oil has an optimum ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and low saturated fats making it a preferred choice over several other oils in the market. The oil is considered ideal for those with diabetes and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The oil is known to be beneficial to people with cardiac issues as it is known to reduce LDL cholesterol, increase HDL, regulate blood pressure and reduce inflammation. It is also known for its anti- bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-carcinogenic properties. Other benefits include its ability to reduce body aches and promote hair growth. Most of the oils we use are produced in two ways – regular and in recent times, cold pressed. While the common user may not be able to distinguish between them, they have distinctly different production methods. Both cold-pressed and regular extraction techniques deliver various products and here are the differences. Production process: The regular mustard oil extraction involves usage of machinery and chemicals. Cold-pressed mustard oil on the other hand is extracted at room temperature, below 50 degrees centigrade. Also in the case of cold pressed oil, the acid value is relatively fewer and the oil is extracted through precipitation and filtration, making it a healthier alternative. Composition: Unlike the hot pressed oil, the cold pressed mustard oil maintains its natural composition. The high temperature used for oil extraction modifies its chemical structure also reducing its nutritional value by reducing the content of sterols, carotenoids and vitamin E. Cold pressed oil retains a majority of its natural chemical properties and importantly its original taste. Since it is rich in MUFA, it keeps a check on cholesterol levels. Nutritional perspective: From a nutritional angle, cold-pressed mustard oil scores high. Oils produced by the hot pressed process, undergo oxidation along with chemicals and high temperatures that cause health complications even as they are bereft of any nutritional value. Also, several healthy compounds are lost during the process of hot pressing. Cold-pressed mustard oil retains all beneficial compounds and does not need any refinement to enhance its taste or acidic content thereby making it the best choice for your family for safe and healthier cooking.

Arikkat Cold Pressed Mustard oil is made using mustard seeds of the highest quality that are cold pressed using an authentic traditional process to produce an authentic product that retains its goodness and taste. The oil is widely popular and is used to create those delectable signature dishes with distinct aroma and flavour. Each packet of Arikkat Cold Pressed Mustard oil retails all the nutrition to help you enjoy the good taste and good health!

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